Oslo: Getting to the City from the Airport

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Oslo has an excellent public transportation system, and the airport is no exception. There is absolutely no need to hire an expensive taxi unless you have too much luggage with you.

Of course since I travel a lot, I have been to and from Gardermoen many times. *Make sure you check which airport you are going to because there is another airport called Torp, where the cheap airlines like RyanAir go, but that is farther away from the city.

When you exit through international customs (you just walk through if you have nothing to declare), go right and continue straight ahead and you will run right into the transport area. The airport has recently been expanded, but is still quite small compared to many around the world, so you can’t really miss it.

There are 3 main ways you can get from the airport to the city center:

  1. The NSB train
  2. Flytoget (airport express train)
  3. Flybussen (airport bus)

The NSB Train — Cheapest & Best

The way I usually go is the NSB train. Below you can see a picture of where you get the tickets, the screen with the departure times, and the price, 93 kroner. At the current exchange rate, that is about $11.50 USD. This is half the price of the other options.

When you buy your tickets on the machine it will ask you which language you want, so you can just pick English, and which station you are going to. You should choose Oslo S (Central Station).
Depending on where you are staying in the city, you may also wish to choose National Theater, which is the stop after Oslo S.


*Bonus local trick*
There is a trick that can potentially save you even more if you do as a local would do. If you download the Ruter app on your phone, this is the public transportation app for Oslo. You can buy your tickets in the app and they will be good for trams, busses, the subway, and even some ferries to the islands in Oslo.

If you are going to be in Oslo for several days, and traveling around a lot, it is worth it to get an unlimited 7-day ticket for Zone 1 for 249kr. That is the equivalent of about 7 trips. If you are there for a shorter time, but will use it a lot to get around, you can also get a 24-hour ticket for 105kr (the equivalent of 3 trips).

If you know you will want the unlimited transport ticket, you can buy it on the app. Then, you just need to buy a supplementary ticket for the extra zones for 66kr.

Flytoget — Best for Early/Late Arrivals

Flytoget, the airport express train is probably the fastest, but only by about 5 minutes.

The only reason I take it is when it is really early or late because NSB does not usually have trains that leave for the airport at these off-peak times. It may also depart more frequently than the NSB train because it leaves every 20 minutes. However, it is way more expensive at 190kr per adult ticket. Unless you are in a hurry, I don’t think it is really worth it.

You can buy the tickets on the machines in the picture on the left or on their Flytoget app, but the easiest thing to do if you are paying with credit card is to just swipe your card at the entrance turnstiles (pictured right).



If you are a tourist, there aren’t a lot of good reasons to take the airport bus. It takes awhile because it has a lot more stops, and unlike the trains, will be affected by traffic. It is not cheaper, either. The only times I have taken this is because there happens to be a stop right next to where I live, and work was paying.

If you buy the tickets on their website in advance it is a bit cheaper, 169kr. However, it gets more expensive if you buy it at the bus, and I have paid over 200kr. As you can see, this is really not a great choice if you are staying in the city center!

Hope this helps 🙂

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