Cape Town: The Test Kitchen

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Do not miss the Test Kitchen!  It has recently been ranked the #22 Best Restaurant in the World (#1 in Africa) and it deserves it!

My amazing lunch at The Test Kitchen


I ate at the #4 restaurant, Central, in Lima last summer and this one is just as good (I also highly recommend Central!). The great thing about these places is that if you go to the ones in Europe or USA they cost ten times more. Here, you get the same great quality of food and service, for a fraction of the price.

We went for the Lunch Discovery menu with wine pairings, which costs 945R before tip (yes, that is only $60USD). How much more would that have cost in the U.S. or Europe?? Note: there are a few options to add in an extra quail course and a cheese course with or without the accompanying wine pairings, but this will, of course, cost more.

All of the food was excellent. Even if you are a picky eater, when you go to a restaurant with this quality of ingredients and preparation, you will like it. For example, even though I do not like deer, Springbok (the adorable antelope)? Good, actually! I will eat anything these guys make.

The ambience and service were also great. I think their salt & pepper shakers (in the gallery below) are adorable. The wine pairings were good, but you can also choose just to get a bottle of whatever you want instead.

You should definitely book a table in advance as they often get booked up. I was able to go because I joined the reservation of nice people I met at the hostel, who let me add on to theirs. If you sit at the bar, you are right next to the kitchen and you can see what they are doing.

Here is a full gallery of the meal:

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