If you’re a budget traveler, one of the best places you can go is Prague. I traveled there recently on my own for a long weekend from July 18-21.

Prague Castle in the distance

Prague Basics

Country: Czech Republic (Prague is the capital).
Language: Czech, a Slavic language similar to Slovak. It can be a bit tricky to pronounce.
Currency: Czech Koruna (or Crowns).
At current rates:

  •     1 CZK = 0.302 NOK
  •     1 CZK = 0.051 USD
  •     1 CZK = 0.039 EUR
  •     1 CZK = 0.033 GBP

Beer: $1.50-$3.00 USD (I find that the price of a beer is often a good indicator of a place’s prices).
Temperature July 18-21: 27/15°C (81/59°F). It was very sunny during my stay and I was definitely feeling sweaty walking around the castles and across the Charles Bridge.

Old Town Square
Old Town Square

My Scores
(On a scale of 1-10)

Prague, overall: 8
Friendliness: 8
Ability to speak English: 3
Sights: 8
Food: 3
Party Scene: 9
Transportation: 8
Budget Friendliness: 9

Prague is a great city and I really enjoyed my time there. The people were very friendly despite their inability to speak English well. There are parts of Prague that are quite beautiful and others that are definitely not. It is also a great place for a solo traveler because of the pub crawls you can go on at night. The thing that brought my enjoyment of the city down a bit was the food. Local food is very heavy and consists mostly of meats with gravy sauces, cabbage, and potato dumplings. I was very unimpressed with the food I ate during my visit. More on all the sites, restaurants, etc. to come!

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